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Healbe GoBe

Most calorie trackers require you to enter the foods you’ve eaten throughout the day including the amount of each food that you have consumed. The Healbe GoBe is looking to eliminate this entire process by becoming the first wearable…


Whistle Dog Collar

The Whistle Dog Collar is the latest in wearable technology, only it’s not meant for you. Whistle act much like a Fitbit, but for your dog monitoring exercise, playtime, and rest. The activity monitor sends your dog’s every movement…

Gear HomeTech

RING: Bluetooth Remote

Ring by Logbar is a wearable Bluetooth device that can recognize gestures and control various applications across platforms. The device, which is currently in the crowd-funding stage at kickstarter, contains an accelerometer, Bluetooth chip, vibrating mechanism, and a tiny…


Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung has thrown its hat into an already congested ring of fitness wearables. However, the Samsung Gear Fit is aiming to be the first dual threat on the market that will not only focus on fitness but productivity as…


Garmin fenix 2 Multisport Watch

Garmin followed up its original fēnix sports watch with its fēnix 2 Multisport Watch, which is capable of working in multi-sport scenarios such as running, climbing, riding, hiking, skiing, and swimming. With the integrated altimeter, barometer, and a 3-axis…


Wearable Technology Database

Wearable Technology Database by Vandrico is an incredible resource that features an exhaustive list of all available wearable devices. More importantly, the data is divided down by area of body and by function of each device. The full list…


Dash Smart Earphones

The Bragi Dash Smart Earphones are the world’s first set of in-ear smart headphones. Using a suite of senors, they are able to track a variety items such as pace, distance, steps, cadence, oxygen saturation, heart rate, and energy…