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The Glowdeck incorporates all the best features found on the thousands of smartphone peripherals, and puts them into a small, beautifully designed and simple box. It can wirelessly charge your phone (iPhone / Galaxy users will need a Qi…

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SlatePro TechDesk

SlatePro TechDesk is the ultimate work space geared towards the tech-savvy professional, student, designer, gamer, or efficiency aficionado. Equipped with a multitude of display docks, it’s equipped to prop up most smartphones or tablets with access to their charging…


Pono Music Service

Backed by Neil Young, Pono is a new music service that will launch as a crowd-funded project on Kickstarter March 15th. The service will feature a 128GB hi-fi digital music player with memory card slot for additional storage, along…

Gear HomeTech

RING: Bluetooth Remote

Ring by Logbar is a wearable Bluetooth device that can recognize gestures and control various applications across platforms. The device, which is currently in the crowd-funding stage at kickstarter, contains an accelerometer, Bluetooth chip, vibrating mechanism, and a tiny…


Dash Smart Earphones

The Bragi Dash Smart Earphones are the world’s first set of in-ear smart headphones. Using a suite of senors, they are able to track a variety items such as pace, distance, steps, cadence, oxygen saturation, heart rate, and energy…


Shortcut-S: Photoshop Editing Keyboard

The Shortcut-S keyboard is equipped with 319 separate keys offering users 372 functions while only measuring 16-inches x 12-inches. The keyboard is designed to eliminate complex shortcuts that can involve up to 4 keys and requiring the use of…

Cameras Phones/Tablets

The Padcaster Mini

Just like its full-size counterpart, The Padcaster Mini is a tough aluminum frame with threaded holes designed for attaching LED lights, mics and other camera gear to an iPad Mini. The Padcaster Mini also includes two cold shoe adapters…


The Pocket Drone

The Pocket Drone is the world’s first heavy-lift microcopter that is powerful enough to carry a GoPro into flight. It features a unique cutting-edge collapsible compact design that allows you to fold it down into an included travel case…


Onewheel Electric Skateboard

Armed with motion sensors and sophisticated balancing algorithms, a new Kickstarter project named Onewheel is on its way to becoming a production reality. The rugged personal transporter is built from a CNC machined aluminum frame and sports a durable…


Native Union Jump

The Native Union Jump is a smartphone and tablet charger that is capable of charging itself once the battery of your device is full. This intuitive device packs an 800mAh battery into its compact frame that weighs less than…

Computers Gear

Kano DIY Computer Kit

The Kano Computer Kit is a self-contained “Do-It-Yourself” computer set that can be used to code, create music and sounds, hook up speakers, create a wireless server, or play games. Powered by Raspberry Pi, Kano can be configured as…

Gear Sport


You plan on leaning your new $3K bike up against a wall? Instead, try the Upstand, which provides much needed support the same way a traditional kickstand holds up a cruiser by the use of magnets.…

Cameras Gear

Bublcam 360º Camera

Bublcam is a 360-degree HD video camera with zero blind spots. Four lenses with a patent pending tetrahedral design, shoot video at 1080p and 14MP photos. Built in Wifi allows live streaming.…

Gear HomeTech

Ring Clock

The Ring Clock is made of three individual rings that rotate separately, displaying the hour, minutes and seconds; an indicator helps you properly put the ring on, and the current time is highlighted.…

Gear HomeTech Phones/Tablets

Smart Thermometer

Range Smart Thermometer is available in either a 3″ pointed thermometer for meats or a 6″ dull thermometer made for deeper pots; plugs into iOS device, and has available alerts.…