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Working LEGO Computer Keyboard

Built by master Lego builder, Jason Allemann, the Lego keyboard is fully built out of the little bricks and is fully functional. Watch the video where you shows you exactly how you can build and customize your very own.…


Shortcut-S: Photoshop Editing Keyboard

The Shortcut-S keyboard is equipped with 319 separate keys offering users 372 functions while only measuring 16-inches x 12-inches. The keyboard is designed to eliminate complex shortcuts that can involve up to 4 keys and requiring the use of…

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C.24 Music Keyboard

C.24 Music Keyboard for iPad is a two-octave wireless device that instantly transforms from a protective cover into a musical keyboard; keys pop up to replicate look and feel of standard piano.…


Wired iPad Keyboard

Logitech launched their new Wired iPad keyboard this week, which drops Bluetooth support for a hard wired connection for those that prefer a plug and play wired connection.…