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Cameras Phones/Tablets

The Padcaster Mini

Just like its full-size counterpart, The Padcaster Mini is a tough aluminum frame with threaded holes designed for attaching LED lights, mics and other camera gear to an iPad Mini. The Padcaster Mini also includes two cold shoe adapters…


Pacemaker for iPad

Pacemaker has just released the first DJ app for iPad to feature full integration with Spotify. The intuitive and flat interface allows you to begin mixing tracks like a pro in minutes. The app is free, but it features…


Lacie Fuel

Lacie Fuel will help you bulk up the storage on your iPad by providing a very portable, battery-powered storage device with a full terabyte (TB) that gives you enough room for up to 500 movies, 160,000 songs, or 190,000…


12.9-inch Apple iPad

DigiTimes has reported that Apple has begun to produce a 12.9-inch iPad, which is targeted to launch during Q3 of this year, citing sources from Apple’s Far East suppliers. According to the report, Quanta Computer will manufacture the larger…

Gear Phones/Tablets

Bolt Phone Charger

Touted as the “world’s smallest combination wall charger and backup power supply”, the Bolt is equipped to power almost any device through its on-board USB port. To charge, merely pull out the prongs to its powerful 3000mAh Li-Ion battery,…


BlueLounge Sanctuary4

BlueLounge Sanctuary4 is a beautifully designed valet that is equipped to handle most smartphones and tablets with its 4-amp, 4-USB charger that is hidden underneath its recessed tray.…



Swingbyte attaches to any club with rubber o-ring to record your swing; data includes club head speed, acceleration, angle of attack, swing tempo; track data with bluetooth on devices.…


Belkin Dyle Receiver

Belkin Dyle Wireless Mobile TV Receiver allows you to watch television channels on your iPad or iPhone as long as they are available on Belkin’s app; no data plan or Wi-Fi required.…

Gear HomeTech Phones/Tablets

Smart Thermometer

Range Smart Thermometer is available in either a 3″ pointed thermometer for meats or a 6″ dull thermometer made for deeper pots; plugs into iOS device, and has available alerts.…

Gear HomeTech

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast plugs directly into your TV providing you with access to Netflix, Youtube, Google Play, Chrome; stream music, movies, and images from your mobile device to your TV.…


Victorinox Knife Block

Victorinox knife block shelves your tablet or eBook with a swivel base that allows easy access to the 13-slot knife block on the other side.…

Gear HomeTech

C.24 Music Keyboard

C.24 Music Keyboard for iPad is a two-octave wireless device that instantly transforms from a protective cover into a musical keyboard; keys pop up to replicate look and feel of standard piano.…


Smart Cargo for iPad

Smart Cargo is a small hard case that attaches to the Apple Smart Cover or Smart Case magnetically and holds all iPad essentials without adding extra weight or bulk.…


Wired iPad Keyboard

Logitech launched their new Wired iPad keyboard this week, which drops Bluetooth support for a hard wired connection for those that prefer a plug and play wired connection.…


Gold iPads in Dubai

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai is now offering guests 24-karat Gold iPads during their stay; the devices will serve as “virtual concierges” loaded with Interactive Customer Experience software.…