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LG Artcool Stylist Inverter V

The LG Artcool Stylist Inverter V is an ultra thin wall mounted air unit that requires no plumbing lines. The unit features subtle LED lighting to inform the user whether it’s heating or cooling, and can also be set…



The POWERQUBE offers 3 USB ports and 6 grounded electrical outlets all in a sleek tabletop power supply device. It works a lot like a traditional power strip, but there won’t be a need to throw it on floor…

Gear HomeTech

SlatePro TechDesk

SlatePro TechDesk is the ultimate work space geared towards the tech-savvy professional, student, designer, gamer, or efficiency aficionado. Equipped with a multitude of display docks, it’s equipped to prop up most smartphones or tablets with access to their charging…


Agor Moveable Swimming Pool Floor

Agor’s Moveable Swimming Pool Floor solves several concerns surrounding swimming pools. First off, it adds an incredible amount of safety for families with small children. The pool can be adjusted from completely hidden all the way up to full…


RFID Bikealarm

The RFID Bikealarm attaches to the rails of your bike saddle and emits a 120dB alarm when motion is sensed. Designed as a prototype for a bachelor degree thesis by Dennis Siegel, this thief deterrent uses an internal micro-controller…


Time-Lapse Graffiti Magic

“Limitless” shows the power of collaboration when videographer Selina Miles, DJ Butcher, and graffiti artist Sofles join forces to unleash five minutes of unadulterated hell on an empty warehouse. The video is sponsored by the Australian paint company, Ironlak,…

Gear HomeTech

Quirky Nimbus

Quirky’s Nimbus proves there is still room for the tangible in our digital lives. This physical dashboard tracks and displays up to four items with its easy to read dials. Just connect Nimbus to your WiFi network to customize…


BlueLounge Sanctuary4

BlueLounge Sanctuary4 is a beautifully designed valet that is equipped to handle most smartphones and tablets with its 4-amp, 4-USB charger that is hidden underneath its recessed tray.…

Gear HomeTech

Ring Clock

The Ring Clock is made of three individual rings that rotate separately, displaying the hour, minutes and seconds; an indicator helps you properly put the ring on, and the current time is highlighted.…


Cadillac Elmiraj Concept

Cadillac Elmiraj Concept boasts a twin-turbo, 4.5-liter V8 that produces 500 hp; driver-focused interior features titanium accents, Brazilian Rosewood trim, and camel leather.…

Gear Style

Baseball Stadium Prints

Designer S. Preston Chuhon churns out a minimalist rendition of some of America’s most iconic ballparks to create some kick ass wall art.…

Gear Phones/Tablets

Bluelounge Saidoka

Bluelounge Saidoka is an iPhone charging dock that lays your device at a usable angle as opposed to the standard awkward standing position; removable rubber cover allows for cased iPhones.…


Minimalist Rap Posters

Carbonmade user Zavennajjar uses his minimalist style to enthrone some of rap’s most infamous lyrics from songs like Big Poppa, Empire State of Mind, Still D.R.E., and more.…


Ceramic Stereo

Design Project: minimalist ceramic speaker that interacts with your phone; sensors determine where a phone has been placed in three distinct zones that control three different functions.…


Primitive Knife

Italian designer Michele Daneluzzo’s new Primitive Knife; one piece of stainless steel to allow you to carve it up like a caveman; Italian cutlery brand Del Ben is handling production.…