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HTC One M8

HTC unveiled their new flagship smartphone, the One M8. The new phone is feature-heavy with a 5″ 1080p 440 PPI screen, Qualcomm’s latest quad-core Snapdragon 801 CPU, 16-32GBs of storage, 2GBs of RAM, HTC UltraPixel camera, 5MP front camera,…



The Glowdeck incorporates all the best features found on the thousands of smartphone peripherals, and puts them into a small, beautifully designed and simple box. It can wirelessly charge your phone (iPhone / Galaxy users will need a Qi…

Cameras Phones/Tablets


Snappgrip, as the name suggests, is a snap-on camera controller for your smartphone that can control your shutter, zoom, and shooting mode. It works wirelessly over low-energy Bluetooth and companion app to give your phone the feel of a…

Gear Phones/Tablets

Healbe GoBe

Most calorie trackers require you to enter the foods you’ve eaten throughout the day including the amount of each food that you have consumed. The Healbe GoBe is looking to eliminate this entire process by becoming the first wearable…


IN1 Multi-Tool Utility iPhone Case

The IN1 Utility iPhone Case carries an assortment of gear to help get you through any eventful day. On-board, the case features two precision screwdrivers screwdrivers, two ball point pens, nail file, tweezers, scissors, toothpick, and a kick stand…


WeTransfer iOS App

WeTransfer has just released it’s iOS app that enables iPhone and iPad users to send messages with up to 10GB attached. Just like its desktop counterpart, the iOS app is focused on simplicity. It does include a useful feature…


Oscar Mayer iPhone Bacon Plug-in

Oscar Mayer has released its Wake Up & Smell the Bacon app, which is available now for free in the iTunes store. However, that’s not the big news. The big news is that there will be a special plug-in…


Zensorium Tinke Heath Device

The Zensorium Tinke Heath Device is a sensor that attaches to your iPhone or Android to gather details such as heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate variability. The first three of those details are used…

Gear Phones/Tablets

Apple CarPlay

Available on select vehicles later this year, Apple CarPlay seamlessly integrates your iPhone 5, 5C, or 5S with your car’s existing controls and infotainment screen. This will allow you to use Siri, vehicle knobs, wheel-mounted controls, or the existing…

Cameras Phones/Tablets

Poppy iPhone 3D Camera

Bearing resemblance to your childhood Viewmaster, The Poppy iPhone 3D Camera uses mirrors and optics to capture two images from slightly different angles that your brain combines to make 3D images. Share your videos straight to Youtube and Flickr…

Cameras Phones/Tablets

The Padcaster Mini

Just like its full-size counterpart, The Padcaster Mini is a tough aluminum frame with threaded holes designed for attaching LED lights, mics and other camera gear to an iPad Mini. The Padcaster Mini also includes two cold shoe adapters…


Pacemaker for iPad

Pacemaker has just released the first DJ app for iPad to feature full integration with Spotify. The intuitive and flat interface allows you to begin mixing tracks like a pro in minutes. The app is free, but it features…


Mophie Space Pack

Mophie has added onboard storage to a new line of its popular iPhone battery cases. The Mophie Space Packs are available in 16GB or 32GB, and they allow you to store photos and files while also doubling the battery…


12.9-inch Apple iPad

DigiTimes has reported that Apple has begun to produce a 12.9-inch iPad, which is targeted to launch during Q3 of this year, citing sources from Apple’s Far East suppliers. According to the report, Quanta Computer will manufacture the larger…

Gear Phones/Tablets

Bolt Phone Charger

Touted as the “world’s smallest combination wall charger and backup power supply”, the Bolt is equipped to power almost any device through its on-board USB port. To charge, merely pull out the prongs to its powerful 3000mAh Li-Ion battery,…