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The Giphoscope is a handmade analog hand-crank player that can play 24 frame animated gifs/video sequences. Made of aluminum and Italian walnut wood.…

Gear HomeTech


Coin is a secure, programmable bank card which allows you to store and consolidate all your other cards. This will slim down your wallet considerably.…

Gear HomeTech

Ring Clock

The Ring Clock is made of three individual rings that rotate separately, displaying the hour, minutes and seconds; an indicator helps you properly put the ring on, and the current time is highlighted.…

Gear HomeTech Phones/Tablets

Smart Thermometer

Range Smart Thermometer is available in either a 3″ pointed thermometer for meats or a 6″ dull thermometer made for deeper pots; plugs into iOS device, and has available alerts.…

Grub HomeTech


Coravin allows you to extract some wine without even removing the cork by inserting a thin needle through the cork to pour out wine, and replace displaced air with Argon.…

HomeTech Sport

Indoor Golf Simulator

The Full Swing Indoor Golf Simulator uses infrared camera light technology to track your ball, and high speed cameras to provide club head data; comes with over 80 championship courses.…

Gear HomeTech

Mint Hard Floor Cleaner

Similar to its older sibling, Roomba, the Mint Hard Floor Cleaner is an automated home cleaning system that can perform a dry sweep or mop with the included microfiber mopping cloths.…

Gear HomeTech


LG Curved OLED TV features the most bleeding edge TV available with saturated colors and inky black levels; made from carbon fiber reinforced polymer to achieve an ultra-thin profile.…

Grub HomeTech

Balls of Steel

Balls of Steel are forged from the highest quality medical grade stainless steel; drops the temperature without diluting the flavor; 15% of sales goes directly to testicular cancer research.…

Gear HomeTech Rides

Honda Mean Mower

Honda Mean Mower can go 0-60 in 4 seconds with a top speed of 130MPH; features 6-speed paddle shift transmission; and will actually cut your grass.…

Gear HomeTech

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast plugs directly into your TV providing you with access to Netflix, Youtube, Google Play, Chrome; stream music, movies, and images from your mobile device to your TV.…

Gear HomeTech

C.24 Music Keyboard

C.24 Music Keyboard for iPad is a two-octave wireless device that instantly transforms from a protective cover into a musical keyboard; keys pop up to replicate look and feel of standard piano.…

Gear HomeTech

District Shuffleboard

District MFG Shuffleboard Table is handmade with reclaimed oak tops, stitched leather gutters, steel construction, and a powder-coated frame; includes weights and powdered wax.…

Gear HomeTech

Ivee Assistant

The ivee Voice-Activated Assistant utilizes simple voice commands to adjust temperature, set alarms, dim lights, turn on the radio, and more;  uses open developer platform for third parties.…

Gear Grub HomeTech

Drink Delivery Vehicle

This RC battery-powered amphibious vehicle is capable of delivering drinks on land or to the deep end; features on-board water cannon and LED blinking navigation lights.…